Woman maimed by drunk driver is threatened by her own personal injury attorney over a “review”~

My attorney is angry I wrote a review that was 100% truthful.It was very detailed, but it was honest. (attorneys and truth, cannot be used in the same sentence I am learning)

My case was like no other. It involved a rouge, rookie trooper, and a pretty, blonde, 22 year old drunk and her two male friends. Witnesses for me were all ignored, because the trooper text her 3 days later, at 1AM asking: “do you want to hang out?”  The woman that ran me off the road, told me this on the phone, and it was later proven true. Internal Affairs got the troopers text history.

She knows someone, because I have never seen such a cover up of the truth by so many people. A lie is still a lie, even if the majority believe otherwise. That “bliue line” can never be crossed and we all know that as we see other officers across this nation, taint reports to bias one side over another. Spoliation of evidence is now a precedent, for other troopers, since a federal judge found that behavior to be fine. (she claimed a phantom car hit her from behind and took off (lie) so trooper, takes the bumper, has it crushed that very night, so nobody can see it was not damaged) and that is acceptable…..wow.

Internal Affairs was the most fair agency throughout this process. They taped questions in their meeting with me, and they followed up with an apology letter. They sent the trooper off duty for 6 weeks, without pay. Thank you for seeing the truth.

“My attorney” must not have figured out, that the case was going to turn into a “lien” case, because he claimed, I could not attach the drunk driver wages or attach her fathers home (the insurer of the vehicle) He has NO PROBLEM doing all of that to his own client….thus the negative review.

“My attorney”, granted her “indemnity”, and wrote up a document to protect himself. The “terms” were changed, and there is no date on the “settlement.” That is not defamation…it is an actual document that was also entered into the civil rights part of the case. It is public record, and that firm knows this.

Attorneys feel that nobody should be able to review them, unless it is squeaky clean. Doctors do not even care if you tell the truth about their behavior. My review has triggered a federal marshall to come to our home, while we were out of the country.

Our son did not hear all the banging as his air conditioner was blasting that morning, Neighbors contacted me right away, and they were all angry at the attitude of the person hired, to serve me with an “email”. He paid a marshall to deliver me an email, demanding I remove my “reviews”, about my specific experience, with him.

I have been threatened that if I put my home in anyones name he will tell the judge it is ‘fraudulant”, and I will “have it reversed”. He plans to liquidate my entire bank account and assets. I live in a neckbrace, and I cannot tuen my head.

This is who I hired for my injury.  “My bad”, live & learn.Imagine he made $33,333.33, and then turns on the maimed client to take her last penny, living disabled. The media would love that story.

His behavior and lack of any compassion for the pain I endured and will always endure, every day, is appalling. Threatening to sue me over a “review” is just bad public relations and a great story for the media!  Being honest with me, would haver prevented me from writing a negative review. Making me find out a year later, is an ethics violation and its equivalent of lying to your own client. He took his third, and said “they would handle Medicare”. I never heard from them again.

NEWSFLASH: You are not “served” unless they put the document in your hand. They cannot shove it under your door, like this one did. We only learned of it, over the phone, and it was read to me, then scanned and emailed.

This review has no names in it, so the doors of our home are not kicked in any more. The neighbors will no longer have to be frighened of the tactics of some claiming to be professional.

Take pictures of everyone (if you can) at any accident and write down names/witnesses yourself. Do not rely on the officer to write the report up accurately. Make sure you get a copy or make it known you want a copy, of his report, and make sure it is signed off by a supervisor, or it is a bogus report. I have the “worlds record” for the number of police reports, from that horrific night.

Make the attorney give you a copy of the “fee agreement” at that very moment. Also, go to the courthouse to check on your case. I relied on the attorney, and he drummed up documents, that served to protect him, with my signature on them. A paralegal emailed me an amended complaint, because of errors, that were a pretty big deal. Make the attorney know you want to be Cc’d on everything. Be part of the decisions. You have to watch your back and pretty much, get a referral because most, do not have a good “bedside manner”, or manners at all. 

Trust nobody during the process. Connecticut is the ONLY state, that has a statute, where the attorney can ask you to sign a “waiver”, making it perfectly fine, for them to make more off the case than yourself. I would never sign  that, because my neck is titanium and my life is altered forevermore. Nonetheless, my signature is on a document that says that I agree to that stupidness.

Logical states, have laws barring them from exploiting you as they please. Good old Connecticut. No rules for the wealthy.



About rootsgal

I am a person of TRUTH and JUSTICE. I will always stand for those with no voice, especially children. I post experiences I have had or that I have been made aware of, that were unjust or corrupt. People need to start being more consciously aware of others, more kind and mindful. I hope I can reach just a few people, so that they are spared the hardship of the greed. Try to become more aware of "contractual language", that is intentionally long and convoluted, in order for some to prosper. I have learned a hard lesson, that in death comes greed. Thus, the "Probate" blog. In the end, the absolute most important thing to me, is my son and my husband. Second, the children of Jamaica, for whom I learned so much over 22 years. Those bright, smiling faces, just looking for a chance, some hope, some support...I wish each of you, a happy life~ "Out of many, one people~"
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